Effluvium is an ornamental display typeface. There are initial alternates, stylistic alternates, and ligatures aplenty for your typesetting pleasure. Inspiration winks at you from unexpected angles, including Mucha's art nouveau classics, Mayan pictographs, & a Thai takeout menu. Download the complete specimen here.

Remaker is an octagonal, modular typeface built to animate, then elaborated into a complete typeface. Industrial techie angles soften into playful life, writing on & offscreen optimistically. Much more Star Wars than Blade Runner.

METROMANCER is a typeface made for the project PsychoGeoTypoGraphy. I was inspired by San Francisco's Financial District - the rich/poor divide, the GRAFFITI, SIGIL MAGIC, and turn-of-the-century "HOBO CODE" to create a face that's visually ESOTERIC & drenched in evocative meaning.